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Fortnight of Action 2016


Show Racism the Red Card’s Annual Fortnight of Action takes place from the 8
th - 22nd Oct 2016

This period of concerted action encourages participation from all sections of communities to celebrate diversity and tackle racism. 

A major aim of the Fortnight of Action is to encourage anti-racism actions, events and initiatives to take place throughout the year.

Many organisations begin their actions during October and run follow-up events during the year. There are other organisations including schools and community groups that look to the Fortnight of Action for ideas and inspirations.

One proven way of making a difference is to act on a local level to break down barriers that lead to racist attitudes and behaviour. These barriers can include:

  • Racial stereotyping
  • Ignorance of other cultures
  • Excluding practices
  • The idea that any one cultural or ethnic group is superior to another


This year’s SRtRC Fortnight of Action will once again see top players in Scotland and Wales put aside their rivalry for the anti-racist cause.

Action at games will include:

  • Players ‘RED card’ action at SPFL, SWPL & SWFL 

·         SPL and SFL players strips carrying 'Show Racism and Bigotry the Red card' sticker transfers at all games across the fortnight

·         Players wearing SRTRC t-shirts during warm-ups, training sessions

·         Anti-racist tannoy announcements

·         Articles in match programmes

·         Articles on club websites

·         Unveiling of anti-racist stadium hoardings

·         Involvement with local clubs and communities


Each October clubs in Wales support SRtRC in the FOA across the country by warming up in RED card T-shirts and holding up cards prior to kick off.

The Football Association of Wales provide the support for the actions each season for its clubs and also host an action with the Wales national squad.


A List of match actions can be found HERE

"The Fortnight of Action, which Show Racism the Red Card coordinates in Wales, is a hugely important event in the Football Calendar. The Football Association of Wales believes that the support from its clubs during this campaign, will help to educate and re-educate football fans of all ages in order to stamp out the threat of Racism in the terraces and on the football pitches in Wales."

Andrew Howard, FAW Head of Competitions


This period of concerted action encourages participation from all sections of Scotland's communities to celebrate diversity, and promote equality and inclusion.

We believe that it is vital to highlight the anti-racism message at this time, when recent incidents have once again highlighted the problem of sectarianism within our communities.

During the 2015 Fortnight of Action over 500 actions took place, with community initiatives growing in terms of diversity and reach. The actions involved all 42 professional football clubs, the Scottish Women’s Premier League and the Scottish Women’s Football League, junior and youth football teams, football fans, schools, schools and young people nationwide, black, Asian and other minority ethnic led organisations and other community based organisations.

We hope to build on the success of previous years, and once again expand the number and quality of projects taking place during the fortnight.

SWPL and SWFL teams will be taking action on Sunday 9th October

SPFL teams and SJFA teams will be taking action on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October.


SRTRC wants to engage with, and provide assistance to, groups who have been traditionally excluded from football as part of this year’s Fortnight of Action.

SRtRC can provide resources, to help with your actions. Red Cards can be provided for free to schools, local, amateur and junior leagues to join the pro players ‘showing racism the red card’ before kick off.

Tel: 0141 222 2058

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