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Homophobia: Let's Tackle It

Brand new educational resource from Show Racism the Red Card

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'Homophobia: Let's Tackle It' is our brand new educational resource: two films and an accompanying education pack. Show Racism the Red Card has worked in close partnerships with other expert agencies and organisations to produce this resource; we have not reinvented the wheel but have brought together some fantastic existing work and given it 'a SRtRC stamp'.

SRtRC received funding from the
Northern Rock Foundation for this project. Penny Wilkinson, CEO for Northern Rock Foundation said:

"Teachers need resources and support to help them to tackle homophobia and homophobic bullying. We are really pleased that Show Racism the Red Card has taken its years of experience and expertise in producing fantastic resources for use in schools and youth groups and used it to produce these films and education pack.”

Talking about Homophobia" is a moving selection of interviews, featuring Hollyoaks' Kieron Richardson; comedian and author Rhona Cameron and England rugby star Ben Cohen. The film features interviews with young people, exploring:
1. Experiences of homophobia
2. What can you do?
3. Why does bullying happen?
4. Using the word gay
5. 'Coming out'

Homophobia: Let's Tackle It" features a wide range of top sporting personalities talking about issues of homophobia. The footage creates an emotive and dynamic resource to combat homophobia and homophobic language in society.

The accompanying education pack is designed to support and inform educators and contains a wide variety of activities. This will allow young people to explore the issues further, with frequently asked questions, supporting materials, discussion points, learning outcomes and links to other resources and websites. This pack is very accessible and no previous knowledge or experiences of the topic are required.
Download preview pages here.

Lizz Bennett, Education Worker for SRtRC developed this resource. Speaking at the film premiere on 21st March, she said:

"I would like to speak from personal experience and say that I honestly feel that young people are very open to having their views on this issue challenged, I have been in classroom situations where even quite disruptive lively pupils have been sitting on the edge of their seats hanging on my every word when we have engaged in discussion about sexual orientation and homophobia…they want and need to have these conversations and in fact I would go as far to say that they are desperate to be given the opportunity in a safe and supportive space to have their questions answered.

"According to
The School Report by Stonewall, less then a quarter [23%] of young gay people have been told that homophobic bullying is wrong in their school. In schools that have said homophobic bullying is wrong, gay young people are 60% more likely to not have been bullied.

"What more can I say? My hope is that this resource will support and inspire you to make positive steps towards combating homophobia wherever and whenever you see it."

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