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Evening Chronicle interview with Ged Grebby about Euro 2012

Show Racism the Red Card Chief Executive advises England fans to follow advice of Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Football Supporters’ Federation if travelling to Poland and Ukraine.

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The Newcastle Evening Chronicle interviewed Ged Grebby following the screening of the BBC Panorama programme Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate and Sol Campbell’s advice to England fans not to travel because of the danger of racist attacks.

Ged said he understood Campbell’s concerns but would not discourage North East fans from travelling to Eastern Europe.

“I agree that any black or Asian people heading over should be extra vigilant,” he said.

“But I think it’s important that people aren’t put off going.

“Follow the correct advice and be careful is what I would say.

“The Football Supporters’ Federation has been over to Poland and Ukraine and has issued information on where not to go and the safer areas.

The FSF said ““The FSF would advise fans travelling to Ukraine for Euro 2012 to take heed of Foreign Office advice. There have been instances of harassment of individuals of various ethnic, racial, religious backgrounds, some involving unprovoked violence.”

“Away from stadiums travellers of black and ethnic minority backgrounds should take extra care and, if possible, avoid travelling on their own. UEFA takes anti-racism very seriously and the FSF hopes that in and around the direct vicinity of stadiums there will be no problems.”

The FSF have a free guide available for fans travelling to Poland and Ukraine, you can get a free copy here.

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